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Cooking Directions

1. Cut the 3 Layered Pork in 1 inched cube and marinate with Knorr Seasoning Powder and put aside for 20 minutes .

2. Peeled and sliced the Onion and also peeled and smash some Garlic and Ginger.

3. Heat the Pan over Medium High Heat and melt some Sugar until get caramel

4. After Caramelized the Sugar add in marinated 3 Layered Pork and cook until Pork getting Brown.

5. When 3 Layered Pork getting Brown pour in some Peanut Oil and follow by Sliced Onion .

6. When Onion getting Brown , add in Smashed Garlic & Ginger until get aroma and flavored , then pour in some Water, Knorr Seasoning Powder, Crushed Black Pepper and cook until 3 Layered Pork get tender .


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